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Tuesday, June 07 2022 02.00 PM - 04.00 PM (Western Indonesian Time)

Let's join the Visiting Lecturer with Lecturer from Business and Technology University (Georgia) in collaboration with University of Science Computer and Technology and Smart Indonesian Teacherpreneur Association (PTIC)

????? Tuesday, 07 June 2022 

Presentation by : Prof. Tsotne Zhghenti 

Topic: "Building Trust on Digital Platforms"

Live YouTube : https://bit.ly/live-digitalplatforms

Online Registration : https://bit.ly/daftar-digitalplatforms

Link Zoom : https://bit.ly/zoom-digitalplatforms

Meeting ID: 85298838455 Passcode: STEKOM57

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Benefit : Beneficial Knowledge, E-Certificate verification from verifikasi.me (cannot be faked, on H+5)

Information : http://wa.me/6285880000011

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